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Self Service Lock

About technology

PayJoy is focused on enabling access to smartphones and consumer finance for the next billion. We achieve this by enabling customers to collateralize smartphones via a proprietary patented software Lock, and by enabling a mobile credit score based on the data on the device. This past December, after three years of deploying our Lock directly with handpicked partners, we made our Lock available worldwide via an API, allowing any company to sign up and use it to make smartphones and loans more affordable.

Press and media coverage

We have not yet announced this self service product to the press. This would be the first mention of it being available worldwide. Our Lock has been deployed by a number of handpicked partners in the past couple of years: https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2018/02/128785-payjoy-partners-vodacom-cba-bring-smartphone-financing-tanzania/ https://techfinancials.co.za/2018/11/05/payjoy-mtn-sterling-bank-to-enable-nigerians-to-buy-mobile-devices-on-installment/