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David Zweifler

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Sisense recently launched Sisense Hunch -- AI that replaces huge databases with tiny networks, turning Internet of Things (IoT) devices into supercomputers. Sisense Hunch uses a new type of neural network called a cognitive data engine. Sisense Hunch studies a massive dataset and “learns” it, so it can offer highly accurate analytical responses to queries, without requiring ongoing access to the data, and while occupying just a tiny fraction of the original storage footprint. Sisense Hunch puts the power of tens of billions of rows of data into a small, portable, cost-effective, and secure IoT package – effectively turning sensors, phones, and wearables into supercomputers. Because Sisense Hunch doesn’t need ongoing access to the original data after it’s learned it, and can’t be reverse engineered to produce sensitive information, it greatly reduces the opportunities for data theft and hacking. Sisense Hunch is unique - there are no other query approximation tools using neural networks delivering such radical performance boosts. All similar solutions access underlying data, which means they’re saddled with the usual trade-offs between size of data, cost of system, and speed of delivery. Sisense Hunch can replace the functionality of many high-performance databases for a small fraction of the million-dollar price tag for those systems. It is set to disrupt the Big Data and Business Analytics Solutions market, which is forecasted to reach $260 billion by 2022 according to IDC, by delivering the value of big data anywhere it is needed at a small fraction of the size and cost.

Press and media coverage

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