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In 2018, Temboo released the Kosmos IoT System to empower everyone to build, configure, manage, monitor, and analyze their own interoperable, intelligent, industrial IoT solutions. It is designed to be easy to use and widely accessible to enable everyone to stand taller with hard technologies. Through solutions like Kosmos, Temboo is enabling workers without backgrounds in software development or embedded engineering to reap the benefits of IoT in an easily implemented and cost-effective way. Kosmos includes: *A guided setup process for linking hardware and software components into IoT solutions. This includes detailed documentation for connecting edges and gateways, a wizard-like web UI for configuring the details and behavior of your application, and helpful support from the Temboo team. *Temboo’s machine-generated code, which automatically produces all the required program files for each hardware component as well as the cloud application that runs on Temboo’s platform and ties all the hardware components together. *Online dashboards for monitoring applications from any computer or mobile device. Dashboards provide live graphs, detailed activity logs, controls to set rules for email & SMS alerts and actuator behavior, and remote over-the-air update capabilities. *Predictions and advanced analytics powered by Machine Learning that detect potential problems before they happen, anomalous events, and optimal ways to set up your solution. *Complete application lifecycle management, including device onboarding and provisioning, over-the-air code updates for remote devices, enterprise-grade security, and automatic scalability as the number of connected devices increase.

Press and media coverage

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