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CrateDB Cloud for IoT

About technology

CrateDB Cloud for IoT has made it faster and easier for IoT developers to build scalable, real-time data backends for their IoT applications. It uniquely combines full NoSQL-style JSON support with an ANSI SQL interface. Used by developers and database administrators at enterprises like McAfee, Qualtrics, Comcast, and Alpla, CrateDB Cloud for IoT delivers unlimited scaling and 10x better price performance when compared to other time series cloud databases. The database is capable of handling millions of IoT data points per second, with fast, linearly-scalable data ingestion. CrateDB Cloud for IoT is particularly popular with developers building Industrial IoT systems because the database easily handles rigorous industrial time series data processing and other IoT and machine data analytic workloads. Connected factories, energy networks, smart city infrastructure, and vehicle flights generate millions of sensor readings every minute, demand 100s of terabytes of retained data, and can have hundreds or thousands of disparate sensor message data structures. Whereas other time series databases like InfluxDB or AWS Timestream were built for smaller IT monitoring and cannot cope with these massive industrial time series data requirements, CrateDB Cloud for IoT meets developers’ IoT data needs capably. Additional developer-friendly CrateDB Cloud for IoT features include: real-time query performance enabling complex analytics and AI (not just simple time series aggregates), elegant JSON handling that automatically adapts schema to new JSON structures for complex time series data, integration with other IoT stack software like Kafka and Grafana, and simple ANSI SQL compatibility.

Press and media coverage

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