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CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

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CMD+CTRL is an immersive learning environment where staff exploit their way through hundreds of vulnerabilities that lurk in business applications today – and learn quickly that attack and defense are about thinking on your feet. Unlike gamification that mimics how an application should respond, CMD+CTRL comprises real websites, traffic, technologies, and vulnerabilities that represent actual application behavior. This unmatched realism brings the immediate gratification and long-term memory benefits of “learning by doing" teams need to protect the enterprise. Benefits include: * Authentic - Fully featured applications and social engineering components let users “follow their nose” and experience how business logic rules can work for or against you. * Engaging - Real-time scoring, Easter eggs, and other surprises transform players from passive participants to determined competitors. * Ideal for all skill levels - Help guides, hints, and challenges of varying complexity ensure everyone can participate and gain insight into the impact of different classes of vulnerabilities. * Flexible delivery - Run a one or two-day “hackerthon” event, or leverage as a perpetual practice range. Choose to have our engineers on hand for expert guidance. * Measure staff proficiency - Detailed reports identify skill gaps, measure improvement over time, and demonstrate ROI.

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